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Migrant Workers are Vulnerable to Unscrupulous Employers

Research and Campaigns at Sedgemoor CAB

We are currently working on some problems encountered by migrant workers in Bridgwater. Forty migrant workers have sought advice from Sedgemoor Citizens Advice Bureau. Migrant workers have moved to the area and are being employed by agencies to work for big companies in Bridgwater.

The initial group of clients had their employment terminated after 12 weeks. This meant that they had no employment rights protection and the main area of enquiry was benefit advice to enable them to return home.

Several clients had their employment terminated when they reported into work sick, at least three clients were not paid for when attending training days. These issues seem to disproportionately affect migrant workers.

Our experience also shows that when their employment situation goes wrong, all they want is to find a way to get home rather than stay and take legal action.

We have contacted the employers directly and raised these issues with them. We have had some success with this approach and have noticed that the issues have reduced.

We are hoping that in the light of the information that we are collecting, recruitment companies should be more transparent about the successes of employment in other countries and that consideration should be given to what would happen if that employment  ended suddenly.