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June 2016 Post

Citizens Advice Sedgemoor has been playing a leading role in a national campaign by the Rural Issues Group of bureaus.  The group is publishing the following report in support of a campaign about the decline of rural bus services.
Our research shows that transport – meaning bus services is a main concern throughout the country for rural people.
Services are in decline.  Many are not commercially viable – but people still need them – especially older people, younger people and the disabled and disadvantaged.  Bus services get us to work, to the doctor, and to education.  They also alleviate a sense of isolation.  And they have a wider impact on the economy and traffic congestion.
Announcements this week in our area are of price rises and service reductions.
We want to raise awareness of this problem.  We want to encourage any and all Community Transport Schemes.  And we want to encourage any measures to improve this desperate situation.
Bus services should be available to all – especially those who are less advantaged, and without discrimination against those who live in rural areas.  Services need to be reliable, timely and cost effective.