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Flooding Thoughts

Our thoughts are turning to Flooding again.


We are watching the Environment Agency Flood Warnings at


Last year we saw five flood victims who had no insurance.  We know that insurance is expensive; and with any luck you pay the premium and nothing happens.  But now is the time to decide: don’t be uninsured by accident.


A new scheme (see will offer some help with reinsuring properties – capping the cost from April next year.  Not perfect, but better than nothing.


We want to see some controls on building new homes that are exposed to the risk of flooding.


We applaud the work done so far on improving defences by the Environment Agency.


We would like the local authority to establish an Information Centre – to help victims of any Emergency know where to go, what to do, how to start getting back to normal, and maybe most importantly – how to contact neighbours and family who are caught up in the Emergency.


It seems important to bear in mind that maybe the next Emergency won’t be flooding; but the lessons we have learned can help us deal with it.