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Citizens Advice Scams Awareness Month 2016

This is the final act of Citizens Advice Scams Awareness Month 2016.

There are so many examples of scams to recount here and many ways in which they can happen. They have been a common subject of conversation at Citizens Advice Sedgemoor!

We have broken them down into four main kinds:

  • Telephone Scams ;
  • Online Scams ;
  • Mail Scams ;
  • Doorstep Scams.

Some clues that it may be a scam:

  • Scam Clue 1 – Won’t let you call them back
  • Scam Clue 2 – Pressure to decide quickly
  • Scam Clue 3 – Too good to be true
  • Scam Clue 4 – Winning – without buying a ticket
  • Scam Clue 5 – Unexpected contact
  • Scam Clue 6 – Don’t tell anyone

One in ten people have now fallen victim to scams which has resulted in a loss of £5 billion a year.

The average loss to investment scams is £20000 !

Scams are big business and crime has moved online.

Older people tend to be targeted more often and we should be alert to the potential vulnerabilities of older members of our families.

When we have been scammed, we tend to be embarrassed and to want privacy.  But the most useful thing we can do is to report it – or to report attempts and suspected scams – to Action Fraud at 0300 123 2040 or  You could also call Victim Support on 0808 1689 111 or

For more on scams have a look at